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About The Gentlemen's Corner

In the words of Mark Twain because “clothes make the man and naked people have little or no influence in the world”, The Gentlemen’s Corner brings men the little details that make them stand out and influence their environment. 

As every gentleman around the world knows, accessories are those items that make the look. They can be used to dress up or dress down an outfit and take you from boardroom to bar. They add a touch of class to your outfits and exude your personal style. They may reveal your passions. They reflect your mood better than anything else.

The perfect briefcase, that timeless pair of loafers, that accentuating tie or those witty cufflinks, all signs of freshness and youth that the modern gent must constantly renew to adhere to the trends while investing in those timeless pieces that will last him a lifetime.

The Gentlemen’s Corner offers a full selection of items to help you express your personality and convey your unique style. We are a team of eager young guns who are passionate about accessories, and our mission is to offer them to you in the best manner possible.

The concept, the content, the brands and the services of the website have been designed by young Belgian entrepreneur J. Van Hoecke. Backed by a team of experts we try to create and develop the e-commerce infrastructure and service high-end customers expect whilst shopping a great concept like The Gentlemen’s Corner.

In addition, The Gentlemen’s Corner brings together major Belgian investors in the luxury, retail and internet business. Belgian funds Sobradis and Qunova provide the financial support and experience to help grow and improve our business.

To achieve this ambitious undertaking, The Gentlemen’s Corner is associated with several webdevelopers and marketing companies to organize its operations. These guys insure that the “back office” part of our operations runs smoothly while worldwide logistics are handled with our e-fulfilment partner from our logistical hub in the Netherlands.

This is why we can offer fantastic visual content, unique products and standard free express delivery throughout Europe. Worldwide shipping is free on orders over €180. We try to stimulate our customers to try on the items in the comfort of their own home. If they do not like it, they can return the accessories for free for up to 365 days after purchase. These are just some of the benefits that should ease any concerns you may have. There's no longer any need to hesitate! Make your selection and get to know your new best friend in the privacy of your own home! The Gentlemen’s Corner shares with you our passion for sartorial and alluring accessories. We are committed to your satisfaction 100%.

Now go on and enjoy some shopping!

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The Gentlemen's Corner - Vyvant Ltd.

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