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I started to share my interest in men’s accessories and style. I always felt there was a lack of shops that really offer a broad range of accessories. Over time I learned more and more about different brands all around the world and was bummed out they weren’t sold in Belgium or even Europe. This gave me the idea to start

Starting I want to create an offer of brands and products as wide as possible. Accessories men can combine while wearing formal or casual attire. Inspired by street style and photographers and bloggers like Scott Schuman, Dan Trepanier, Tommy Ton and Glenn O’Brien I also want to keep you guys posted on what’s going on in the streets and offer you inspirational photos to combine all sorts of accessories.
Quote Dan Trepanier
Since personal style is a process that keeps on evolving, so will the shop. We will be offering more and more brand over time to create the most complete offer in men’s accessories online. 
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