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The Style Profile 12: Jeroen Lemaitre

  • Style Profile Jeroen Lemaitre

Before venturing off as a taxidermist, Jeroen used to work for a national television station VRT. Taxidermy was just a hobby. ‘I just made frameworks for myself and my friends’. Before he knew it, the whole thing just took off and got out of hand. ‘I was making more money doing what I love than I did in my every day job. So in the end a decision had to be made. I told myself “strike while the iron is hot!”. I mean, how many people can make a living doing something they love!?’.

Ever since he was young, animals and nature were a passion. ´I think everybody longs for beauty, wonder and spectacle. Animals and insects are beautiful creatures that create the world we live in. The animals I work with aren’t killed, but died from disease or age. I try to recreate the uniqueness of every animal and bring them back to life in a certain way’.

I think everybody longs for beauty, wonder and spectacle

‘My job and the combination of working with interior designers and different styles of interiors makes me more aware of the details’.

‘In light of what I do I started to care more about the details in my everyday wardrobe. I feel both are inevitably connected. Both what I do, the people I work with, clothing, it all inspires me. Everyday life is a great source of inspiration’. Working on different projects influences how he dresses. ‘I notice the clothes I wear will match the interior I’m working in or the styles I’m developing. I’m selling an atmosphere. Candles, music, my outfit. Everything is linked in order to create the perfect atmosphere’.

In his free time, Jeroen likes to go shopping. Online and offline of course. ‘Shopping online is so easy and practical. If you’re hooked on a brand, you know what quality to expect and you need. So just order it online. I mean, how easy can it get? When browsing the streets on weekends I prefer boutiques in quiet districts. I hate busy and noisy streets. One of my favorite areas to shop are the Negen straatjes in Amsterdam and the Kloosterstraat in Antwerp’.

Jeroen’s wardrobe essentials consist of a simple T- shirt with a little accent. ‘This might strike you as a bit odd, but a key chain is one of my go-to essential accessories as well. Just something that developed over time and can’t do without. An item that always catches my eye’.

Shopping online is so easy and practical. So just order it online.

And what will the future bring? ‘I don’t really have an answer to that. But what I do know is that at the moment the business is growing significantly. I’ve been contacted by Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris for an upcoming project, and the shop Rivoli wants to sell my shacks. I was a little shocked at first, because my business really took off only three months ago. I will also continue traveling the world to get inspired and the Belgian television station Canvas has contacted me for an upcoming documentary about my profession and what I do. Looking forward to that!’.

Visit his work here.