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Cheap Date Ideas she’ll actually like


Some guys say finding the woman of their life is their new-years resolution.This is a good cause but don’t get this the wrong way if we try to help you with this. For those guys we have a list of cheap date ideas your date - and if you’re really lucky your future wife - will love.

We asked our favourite woman to give us these cool and cheap ideas:

Sometimes you have to go where she wants to go, but we too, are allowed to have things our way. Surprisingly, a lot of our choices matched up with the female suggestions for an easy night on the wallet that follow. Unsurprisingly, karaoke was not among them. Now go listen to our friends. As long as you don't call it "date night."


1. For the Sophisticated Lady: Wine Tasting

Why she'll like it: Sticking your nose in a glass, swishing Chardonnay (yes, Chardonnay) around in your mouth, debating the merits of "oakiness" — this is sophistication.

Don't spend more than: 50 euros; its not just wine — it's free wine. Bring home a bottle if you must.

What you'll get: A lesson in varietals, a shared buzz.

What We Said: A tour of the local brewery.


2. For the Romantic Woman: A Picnic in the Park

Why she'll like it: There's something about a good bottle, odiferous cheeses, and a blanket spread that makes us swoon.

Don't spend more than: 100 euros; a nice Syrah, a round of Brie, and, you know, crackers.

What you'll get: a kiss. In public.

What We Said: A pig roast.


3. For the Woman Who Sings: Karaoke

Why she'll like it: We know, we know. But you braying Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight"? This is the stuff of which women's dreams are made.

Don't spend more than: 30 euros; the more you drink, the better you'll both think you sound.

What you'll get: A sore throat, vague memories, and the erotic rewards of humiliating yourself in public.

What We Said: A little help with shopping. Not karaoke.


4. For the "Chill Girl": A Free Concert

Why she'll like it: If you live in a big city, chances are you can catch some fantastic performances in the park without selling an arm and a leg to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in an auditorium watching some overhyped band lip-sync.

Don't spend more than: 40 euros; mostly for booze -- and sunscreen.

What you'll get: Lawn canoodling, grass stains.

What We Said: A free concert. Nice.


5. For Your "Rocker Chick": That "Cool New Band"

Why she'll like it: There is nothing wrong with your local hipster dive bar. Even if we do like the next Vampire Weekend.

Don't spend more than: 30 euros; cover charge, couple beers, condoms.

What you'll get: An open gateway into her inner-groupie.

What We Said: A free comedy show.


6. For the Woman Who Likes to Watch: A Sunset for Two

Why she'll like it: Because we like sunsets. And sand dunes!

Don't spend more than: 10 euros; the cost of gas to drive to the nearest beach.

What you'll get: Sand in your shorts.

What We Said: The art-house movie.


7. For the Woman Who Isn't Afraid to Belly Up: The Sushi Bar

Why she'll like it: There's not a woman on the planet these days who doesn't like sushi.

Don't spend more than: 100 euros; pair your uni and unagi with some warm sake.

What you'll get: Fed by hand.

What We Said: The best pizza place in town.


8. For the Domesticated Lady: The Farmer's Market

Why she'll like it: You wouldn't think she'd want to wander amidst the Brussels sprouts and organic endive with you, but, trust us, she does. Now choke down that shot of wheat grass already.

Don't spend more than: 25 euros; you don't want to blow your salary on heritage tomatoes.

What you'll get: A healthy diet and a happy girlfriend.

What We Said: The flea market.


9. For Your Better Half: A Bicycle Built for Two

Why she'll like it: Pedaling a two-seater bike together along a bike path is like navigating your relationship: if you can figure out how to function in tandem, and not get run over by oncoming traffic, you two just might make it.

Don't spend more than: 60 euros; and rent a helmet, because brain damage isn't sexy.

What you'll get: An ass within grabbing distance.

What We Said: The bike ride.


10. For Your Working Girl: A Full-Body Massage

Why she'll like it: First, you have to convince us that, no, you're not just trying to have sex. (That may be true, but that's beside the point.) Offer an hour-long deep tissue massage — at home — performed by her personal masseuse: you.

Don't spend more than: 20 euros; aromatherapy lotion will come in handy.

What you'll get: A naked woman.

What We Said: Two days at a spa. Because why not?


11. For the Smart One: A Bookstore Crawl

Why she'll like it: We know you can walk away from Grand Theft Auto long enough to read us the closing lines from a dog-eared, secondhand copy of James Joyce's Ulysses. Now just do it.

Don't spend more than: 40 euros; buy us a few books, take us home, and read to us in bed.

What you'll get: Whatever happens after the last page. Warning: if we fall asleep, this may involve more Grand Theft Auto.

What We Said: Four days in the mountains. Because no Wi-Fi.


12. For the Woman You Want to Settle Down with: Window-Shopping at Ikea

Why she'll like it: Grown-up girls like to play house, and do you remember that scene in 500 Days of Summer?

Don't spend more than: You can afford; you're better off looking than buying.

What you'll get: A roll in the hay and an imaginary home makeover.

What We Said: Five days at your parents' house. Without parents.


13. For the Woman Who Likes to Swing: Putt-Putt

Why she'll like it: No matter what we say, the whole day-on-the-course-with-your-buddies thing ain't happening. But a few rounds of mini-golf? Why not?

Don't spend more than: 40 euros; don't lose your balls, or it'll cost you.

What you'll get: A win, probably.

What We Said: Football.


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